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Don't Forget History cause that's what brought you here........

What have we two links which take us back in time.........

Click on the first one ...................BUT BUT after doing that wait for a second or two and after the previous page is displayed then click the back button in your browser window.(It's on the top) and get back here to try the next back button.(I know this sound slightly complicated but try it) :-)


Why was the first soooooo slow ...and the second fast.??????? Read below
for an explanation.

When u click on the first link it causes Netscape to display the previously displayed page. BUT BUT BUT....this uses the code <a href>="">Back</a>
Well here the link points to actually the link for the back page by specifying the actual URL. Whereas in the other link we use the history object's back() method to cause the browser to display the previous page.
Source Code for the fast Back link:

<a href="Javascript:history.back()">Back

Alternatively u could use a back button the code would basically remain the same.

Source For the button :
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Back" onClick="history.back()">

The History object also has other methods such as forward() and go() which could be used to help in page navigation.
The go() method allows u to either reload the page by specifying 0 as the argument or u can specify a positive or negative integer to go either forward or backwards.
Alternatively you could also specify a URL as a string argument. When u specify a string argument a case insensitive match is made in the history object to find the closest match to the string.

Check the example given below

Here we have a button called home which when clicked on takes u back to the index page. The source for it is listed below.

Source For the home button(It uses the GO() method of the history object:)

<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="home" onClick="history.go('index.htm')">

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